Cloud Computing


Flexible virtual servers with CPU, RAM, and disk space available exactly as needed, with high availability and automatic failover. Cloud computing services used to meet various infrastructure needs of systems, firewalls, databases, web pages, backup storage, disaster recovery environments, development and approval, containers, kubernetes, hyperconvergence.

Cost optimization: allows you to reinvest everything that would be spent on infrastructure, electricity, facilities, hardware, etc. to increase the availability and range of services for your business. Use this to manage expenses more efficiently, always with the fairest use possible.

Resource Flexibility: It allows for great agility and flexibility for rapid expansion and reduction of resources, once the business model is updated, it undergoes changes or demands, without the need for new investments in infrastructure.

Reliability and High Availability: Assembled in an infrastructure of data center, network, telecommunications and servers that follows the main and most important standards and technical standards of the international market, using cutting-edge technologies and managed by teams of highly qualified specialists.

Autonomy in Management: Even in a cloud environment, you can have exclusive and independent access to a totally autonomous management, as if you had an on-premise environment.

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Global Service Capacity

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Collocation and Smart Hands

Structure prepared to meet the main standards and good practices worldwide in Data Center and Facilities environments (TIER, ISO, PCI-DSS, ISAE-3402);

Private Cloud

Get the same benefits as a cloud environment, but with the security and exclusivity of the on-premise environment and completely autonomous management.

Cloud Computing

Flexible virtual servers with CPU, RAM, and storage available On-Demand, with options in high availability and automatic failover. Rapid expansion and reduction of resources, pay-as-you-go.

Internet Connectivity and Public Clouds

Internet connectivity through premium carriers in Brazil and connectivity with the main Cloud Providers with high performance, low latency, not using public Internet, all in operation at very high availability and with 100% dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth.

Distaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Managed solutions of Backup, Replication and Orchestration of DR (Disaster Recovery) as a Service through Veeam® technology, whether for physical servers, virtual, database, Office365 accounts, MS Teams, among others, managed by our team of experts in information security.

Managed Services and MultiCloud

Technical support, administration, maintenance and continuous improvement of IT services, increasing the maturity of the operation, reducing the number of incidents, and increasing availability.

Monitoring Services

Serviços, sistemas e infraestrutura monitorada 24x7x365, com atendimento N1, gestão de crises, dashboards operacionais, execução de scripts e automatizações.

Multicloud Assessment, Migration and Implementation

Highly qualified professionals to perform your analysis in the IT environment, help design the best migration scenario of your infrastructure, regardless of the model (On-Premises, Cloud, Hybrid).

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